5693-S AMS PADD S5008.1
SSB 5693 - S AMD 1241
By Senator Padden
ADOPTED 02/25/2022
On page 460, line 35, decrease the General FundState Appropriation (FY 2023) by $350,000
Adjust the total appropriation accordingly.
On page 475, beginning on line 22, after "(71)" strike all material through "2023" on line 30 and insert "$500,000 of the general fundstate appropriation for fiscal year 2023 is provided solely for the department to conduct a survey and to estimate the number of juvenile and adult salmon that are taken on average each year due to bird predation on the Columbia river, between the confluence with the Snake river and the McNary dam. The estimate must indicate the number of fish taken by bird species. A report of the survey and estimate, including a description of techniques and projects in place to prevent such predation must be made to the appropriate committees of the legislature by June 30, 2023"
EFFECT: Reduces the appropriation and replaces language pertaining to studying the number of salmon taken by birds with direction to having the area of study be the segment of the Columbia River between the confluence of the Snake River and the McNary dam.
EXPENDITURE EFFECT (2021-2023): ($350,000) Near General FundState/($350,000) Total Funds
--- END ---