5693-S AMS STAN S4997.1
SSB 5693 - S AMD 1234
By Senator Stanford
ADOPTED 02/25/2022
On page 460, line 35, increase the General FundState Appropriation (FY 2023) by $3,510,000
Adjust the total appropriation accordingly.
On page 476, after line 7, insert the following:
"(73) $3,510,000 of the general fundstate appropriation for fiscal year 2023 is provided solely for grants for the following activities:
(a) $900,000 for the Lummi Nation to make infrastructure updates at the Skookum hatchery;
(b) $250,000 for the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation to upgrade heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems at the Colville trout hatchery, and to acquire a hatchery fish transport truck with aquaculture adaptations;
(c) $230,000 for the Yakama Nation to incorporate rearing vessels at the Cle Elum facility and to build circular covers at the lower Yakima facility;
(d) $1,180,000 to the Puyallup Tribe to build an augmentation well at Voights creek hatchery, upgrade the water supply system and alarms at the Clarks creek hatchery, and convert rearing ponds into eight raceways at Diru creek chum hatchery;
(e) $600,000 to the Suquamish Tribe to install an abatement pond at Grovers creek hatchery and replace raceways at Gorst coho raceways; and
(f) $350,000 to the Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe to upgrade water supply systems at Point Whitney and expand shellfish seed production capacity at the shellfish hatchery in Kona."
EFFECT: Provides funding for the Department of Fish and Wildlife to make specific grant amounts to specified tribes for hatchery related projects and upgrades.
EXPENDITURE EFFECT (2021-2023): $3,510,000 Near General FundState/$3,510,000 Total Funds
--- END ---