5693-S AMS WARN S4948.1
SSB 5693 - S AMD 1227
By Senator Warnick
ADOPTED 02/25/2022
On page 680, beginning on line 29, after "limitations:" strike all material through "percent" on line 35 and insert "The appropriation is provided solely for the department to provide grants to the Washington state fair and to county and area fairs as defined in RCW 15.76.120 (1) and (2) that agree to operate its fair in fiscal year 2023 without charging an admission fee to any member of the public. The amount of grant funds provided to each fair may not exceed the amount the admissions fees earned by the fair in fiscal year 2019 plus 20 percent"
EFFECT: Clarifies that the Washington State fair and area fairs as defined in statute are included.
--- END ---