5693-S AMS WARN S4981.1
SSB 5693 - S AMD 1225
By Senator Warnick
ADOPTED 02/25/2022
On page 345, line 12, increase the General FundState Appropriation (FY 2023) by $91,000
Adjust the total appropriation accordingly.
On page 370, after line 11, insert the following:
"(95) $91,000 of the general fundstate appropriation for fiscal year 2023 is provided solely for the department to convene a work group to study the root causes of rising behavioral health issues in Washington communities.
(a) The membership of the work group shall emphasize individuals with actual, practical experience dealing with the behavioral health system and shall include:
(i) Individuals who have received behavioral health services in a variety of settings and circumstances throughout the behavioral health system;
(ii) Family members of individuals who have received behavioral health services;
(iii) Behavioral health treatment providers with experience providing behavioral health services in various settings, including crisis behavioral health services. Providers serving on the work group may not represent, or be employed by, any organizations or interest groups representing the interests of health care providers or behavioral health stakeholders;
(iv) Tribal representatives with experience providing or receiving behavioral health services from tribal health departments;
(v) Members of the clergy;
(vi) Law enforcement officers with training and experience in responding to individuals with behavioral health conditions or who are undergoing behavioral health crises;
(vii) Behavioral health advocates; and
(viii) Any other individuals with experience in the behavioral health system, as deemed appropriate by the department.
(b) The work group shall, at a minimum, discuss:
(i) Factors leading to increased demand for behavioral health services in Washington;
(ii) Barriers to addressing unmet needs and any gaps in the behavioral health system;
(iii) The effectiveness of the state's integrated care initiative regarding access for the seriously mentally ill, reductions in hospitalization and institutionalization, improvements in community-based care, and support for an effective network of community-based care providers for the seriously mentally ill; and
(iv) Suggestions for improving the behavioral health system, including methods to address behavioral health workforce shortages.
(c) The work group shall submit to the governor and the appropriate committees of the legislature a progress report by December 15, 2022, and its findings and recommendations by June 30, 2023."
EFFECT: Provides $91,000 for the Department of Health to convene a work group relating to the root causes of rising behavioral health issues in Washington communities.
EXPENDITURE EFFECT (2021-2023): $91,000 Near General FundState/$91,000 Total Funds
--- END ---