5693-S AMS WELL S4961.1
SSB 5693 - S AMD 1244
By Senator Wellman
WITHDRAWN 02/25/2022
On page 569, line 22, increase the General FundState Appropriation (FY 2022) by $100,000
Adjust the total appropriation accordingly.
On page 585, after line 39, insert the following:
"(39) $100,000 of the general fundstate appropriation for fiscal year 2022 is provided solely for FIRST Washington to convene stakeholders and study options and possible locations for the construction or conversion of an events center where statewide STEM robotics competitions can be held, and to conduct outreach with STEM education nonprofits, businesses, and economic development organizations to discuss the establishment of a STEM innovation zone."
Renumber the remaining subsections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.
EFFECT: Provides one-time funding to FIRST Washington to study options and a possible location and/or facility to hold statewide STEM robotics competitions.
EXPENDITURE EFFECT (2021-2023): $100,000 Near General FundState/$100,000 Total Funds
--- END ---