5793-S2 AMS WILJ S4540.1
2SSB 5793 - S AMD 1068
By Senator Wilson, J.
NOT ADOPTED 02/10/2022
Beginning on page 6, line 22, strike all of section 6 and insert the following:
"NEW SECTION.  Sec. 6. A new section is added to chapter 43.03 RCW to read as follows:
(1) An agency exercising its authority to provide stipends under RCW 43.03.220(2) must report to the Washington state office of equity not later than August 30, 2023, and annually thereafter, as follows:
(a) A brief description of the groups for which stipends or reimbursements have been made available;
(b) An accounting of the stipends or reimbursements provided and reason why the individual qualified; and
(c) An analysis of whether and how the availability of stipends or reimbursements has reduced barriers to participation and increased the diversity of group participants.
(2) The Washington state office of equity shall:
(a) Compile and analyze the information received from agencies under this section;
(b) Consult with stakeholder communities; and
(c) Prepare a report to the governor and legislature by August 30, 2024, and annually thereafter. The report must include an overall evaluation of the stipend and reimbursement process authorized in RCW 43.03.220(2), recommendations for improving the process, and recommendations to further decrease barriers to participation and increase the diversity of group applicants."
EFFECT: Requires agencies to report annually, rather than one time, to the Office of Equity and include reimbursements, in addition to stipends, that have been made available to individuals of class one groups.
Requires agencies to include the reason why the individual qualified for the stipend or reimbursements in the annual report.
Requires the Office of Equity report annually by August 30th to the Governor and the Legislature, rather than one time and include overall evaluations of the reimbursement process, in addition to the stipend process, authorized for class one groups.
--- END ---