5974-S AMS HAWK S4657.1
SSB 5974 - S AMD 1184
By Senator Hawkins
NOT ADOPTED 02/15/2022
On page 1, line 20, after "Sec. 1." insert "(1)"
On page 2, after line 6, insert the following:
"(2) In addition, the legislature intends, over the 16-year new move ahead WA investment program, to program funding from various resources in this act for the following projects, and that the respective list or lists be adjusted accordingly:
(a) $85,000,000 for the Confluence Parkway Project in Wenatchee;
(b) $30,000,000 for North Wenatchee Avenue Improvements – Phase 2 in Wenatchee;
(c) $36,000,000 for the Wenatchi Landing Interchange in East Wenatchee;
(d) $15,000,000 for US 2 Safety Improvements in the vicinity of Leavenworth; and
(e) $4,000,000 for a US 2 Roundabout at Icicle Road in the vicinity of Leavenworth."
EFFECT: States legislative intent to provide funding for additional projects in Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, and in the vicinity of Leavenworth over the 16-year new move ahead WA investment program.
FISCAL IMPACT: $170,000,000 over 16 years.
--- END ---