HB 1001
C 52 L 21
Synopsis as Enacted
Brief Description: Establishing a law enforcement professional development outreach grant program.
Sponsors: Representatives Maycumber, Lovick, Ryu, Boehnke, Leavitt, Lekanoff, Tharinger, Goodman, Young, Graham, Cody, Robertson and Johnson, J..
House Committee on Appropriations
Senate Committee on Law & Justice
Senate Committee on Ways & Means

The Criminal Justice Training Commission (CJTC) provides training and educational programs to law enforcement, corrections officers, and other public safety professionals in Washington.
Basic law enforcement officer training is required of all law enforcement personnel, with the exception of volunteers and reserve officers.  The Basic Law Enforcement Academy consists of a 720-hour program covering a wide variety of subjects including:  criminal law and procedures; traffic enforcement; cultural awareness; communication and writing skills; emergency vehicle operations; firearms; crisis intervention; patrol procedures; criminal investigation; and defensive tactics.  The CJTC also certifies and, when necessary, decertifies officers.


The Criminal Justice Training Commission (CJTC) must establish a law enforcement professional development outreach grant program to encourage a broader diversity of candidates from underrepresented groups and communities to seek careers in law enforcement.  The CJTC must select grant recipients and begin distribution of the grants by no later than December 1, 2021.
Grants must be awarded to local law enforcement agencies based on locally developed proposals.  Each proposal must include a plan for encouraging persons from underrepresented groups and communities to seek careers in law enforcement.  Two or more law enforcement agencies may submit a joint grant proposal for a multijurisdictional project.  No single grant award may exceed $60,000.  At least one grant recipient should be from Eastern Washington and one grant recipient from Western Washington.
The CJTC must submit a report to the Governor and the Legislature on the grant program by December 1, 2022, that summarizes the grant recipients, use of funds, and the potential impact on recruitment.

Grant funding is subject to the availability of the amounts appropriated for the outreach program. 

Votes on Final Passage:
House 98 0
Senate 49 0

July 25, 2021