ESSB 5689
As Passed House - Amended:
February 26, 2022
Title: An act relating to transportation funding and appropriations.
Brief Description: Making supplemental transportation appropriations for the 2021-2023 fiscal biennium.
Sponsors: Senate Committee on Transportation (originally sponsored by Senators Liias, Salda?a, Nguyen, Nobles and Wilson, C.; by request of Office of Financial Management).
Brief History:
Committee Activity:
Floor Activity:
Passed House: 2/26/22, 91-3.
Brief Summary of Engrossed Substitute Bill
(As Amended by House)
  • Makes supplemental changes to transportation appropriations for the 2021-23 fiscal biennium.
Staff: Amy Skei (786-7109).

Washington government operates on a fiscal biennium that begins July 1 of each odd-numbered year.  Supplemental budgets are typically enacted in each of the following two years after the adoption of a biennial budget.  Appropriations are made in the biennial and supplemental transportation budgets for the operation and capital expenses of the state transportation agencies and programs.

The 2021-23 State Transportation Appropriations Act (Transportation Budget) appropriated a total of $11.8 billion from a number of transportation accounts.

Summary of Amended Bill:

The substitute bill decreases appropriations for the 2021-23 fiscal biennium by $113 million.  Fund transfers and other changes to the 2021-23 Transportation Budget are also made.

Appropriation: The bill contains multiple appropriations. Please refer to the bill and supporting documents.
Fiscal Note: Not requested.
Effective Date: The bill contains an emergency clause and takes effect immediately.