SB 5177
C 142 L 21
Synopsis as Enacted
Brief Description: Eliminating proof of nonmarriage as an element of a sex offense.
Sponsors: Senators Cleveland, Dhingra, Das, Hunt, Nguyen, Pedersen and Wilson, C..
Senate Committee on Law & Justice
House Committee on Public Safety

In 1988, the state created several sex offenses for when the victim of the crime is a minor child or vulnerable adult.   Among others, these crimes include rape when the victim is a frail elder or vulnerable adult, rape of a child, child molestation, and sexual misconduct with a minor.  Many of these crimes differentiate between degrees depending on the victim's age.  All of the crimes include the same terminology, requiring as an element of the crime, the victim not be married to the perpetrator.


The requirement that the perpetrator of a sex crime against a minor child or vulnerable adult not be married to the victim at the time of the offense is removed as an element of the crime.

Votes on Final Passage:
Senate 47 0
House 97 1

April 26, 2021