HR 4624
ByRepresentatives Chambers, Boehnke, Mosbrucker, Leavitt, Schmick, Jacobsen, Walsh, Ryu, Wicks, Fitzgibbon, Lovick, Slatter, Caldier, Robertson, Walen, Graham, Klippert, Dolan, Barkis, Dent, and Hoff
WHEREAS, The Washington State House of Representatives, on behalf of a grateful people, recognize our unsung heroes, Long-Term Care Providers, a group of committed individuals who in the face of great adversity, the COVID pandemic, have dedicated their life's work to our most vulnerable populations, those who reside in long-term care settings or receive long-term care services. Long-Term Care Providers serve in varying capacities and provide care and relief in our nursing homes, adult family homes, in-home care, assisted and independent living facilities throughout our State; and
WHEREAS, When the world shut down, some settled in to work from the security of their homes, Long-Term Care Providers suited up for duty and through great acts of inventiveness, created safety gear, took on other duties as assigned, and committed to care for those who could no longer care for themselves. We salute the thousands of loyal health care providers in Washington State and throughout our country; and
WHEREAS, Despite the fear of peril, personal safety, and well-being, Long-Term Care Workers went into the very epicenter of the COVID pandemic and nurtured those who were affected by COVID-19 and those most vulnerable and protected the defenseless from contracting the virus; and
WHEREAS, Despite the uncertainty posed by a novel and virulent Coronavirus, Long-Term Care Workers continued to selflessly report for duty to care for our most vulnerable, often working in less than desirable conditions and encountering long hours and working conditions never before imagined; and
WHEREAS, Long-Term Care Providers courageously provided emotional support to frightened residents and family members alike, quelling their fears in the face of adversity, standing in the gap when they could not see their loved ones all the while quietly fighting their own personal battles with the fallout of the pandemic; and
WHEREAS, Long-Term Care Providers are a shining example of selfless caring and devotion for those they serve and support. Counting others needs greater than their own, they are driven by knowing that they fight for a work and for a cause that is sometimes lost and forgotten; and
WHEREAS, Washington state, our country, and the world are better places for having Long-Term Care Providers here, loving and caring for those in Long-Term Care settings, they are a shining example for those who might follow in their footsteps;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives, on behalf of the people of the State of Washington, recognize and honor the life, work, and sacrifice of Long-Term Care Providers.
I hereby certify this to be a true and correct copy of
Resolution 4624 adopted by the House of Representatives
April 2, 2021
Bernard Dean, Chief Clerk