1048-S AMH WALJ ZOLL 269


SHB 1048 - H AMD 273

By Representative Walsh

NOT ADOPTED 03/04/2023

On page 3, beginning on line 39, after "(5)" strike all material through "(6)" on page 4, line 4

On page 4, at the beginning of line 7, strike "(((6))) (7)" and insert "(6)"

On page 4, beginning on line 18, strike all of subsection (8)

EFFECT: Removes provisions that specify that a violation of the WVRA is not precluded by a finding that members of a protected class are not geographically compact or concentrated to constitute a majority in a district. Removes provisions that specify that a class protected by the WVRA may be a coalition of members of different protected groups, and that each group need not be cohesive so long as the coalition as a whole is cohesive.

--- END ---