1050-S AMH RICC KARK 060


SHB 1050 - H AMD 84

By Representative Riccelli

ADOPTED 02/28/2023

On page 1, beginning on line 17, strike all of subsection (iii)

On page 2, line 23, after "apprentices." strike all material through "apprentices." on line 27

On page 3, line 7, after "apprentices." strike all material through "apprentices." on line 12

On page 3, line 27, after "apprentices." strike all material through "apprentices." on line 32

On page 5, line 1, after "of" strike "enterprise services" and insert "((enterprise services)) labor and industries"

On page 6, beginning on line 13, strike all of subsection (10)


Removes the requirement that subcontracts with an initial subcontract price of $350,000 or more require that at least fifteen percent of the labor hours be performed by apprentices.

Changes the responsibility for providing information and collecting data from the Department of Enterprise Services to the Department of Labor and Industries.

Removes language that no contractor or subcontractor is accountable for or vicariously liable for the failure of any other contractor or subcontractor to comply with the apprenticeship utilization requirements.


--- END ---