1244 AMH STEE MACK 261


HB 1244 - H AMD 431

By Representative Steele


On page 1, line 13, after "RCW 43.09.2856(2)" insert "and subsection (9) of this section"

On page 3, after line 29, insert the following:

"(9) If the final percentage of students meeting standard on either the state math assessment or state English language arts assessment for a school district collecting levies under subsection (2)(b)(i)(A) is less than 60 percent for the school year ending within the calendar year, then the superintendent of public instruction must reduce maximum taxes levied for collection by the school district under this section in the following calendar year by an amount equal to the inflation enhancement multiplied by levy collections in the previous calendar year."

EFFECT:   Requires the maximum levy authority in next calendar year to be reduced by 3.17 percent of the prior year's levy collections for school districts eligible for the inflation enhancement if less than 60 percent of students meet standard on either the state math or state English language arts assessment.

--- END ---