1337 AMH PETE SERE 033


HB 1337 - H AMD 42

By Representative Peterson

WITHDRAWN 03/02/2023

On page 4, line 16, after "act" strike "need" and insert "must"

On page 5, line 28, after "districts" insert "within an urban growth area"

On page 8, line 3, after "act" insert "within an urban growth area"

EFFECT:  Allows local ordinances and regulations for accessory dwelling units (ADUs) adopted under the Act to apply only within an urban growth area (UGA). Limits the option for cities and counties to allow two ADUs on each single-family residential lot to lots located within a UGA. Limits the exemption for actions taken under the Act from appeals to the Growth Management Hearings Board to those actions taken within a UGA only.

--- END ---