5398-S AMH COUT HARO 643


SSB 5398 - H AMD 561

By Representative Couture

ADOPTED 04/12/2023

On page 2, line 1, after "December 1," strike all material through "formulation" and insert "2024, the work group shall develop funding"

On page 2, line 5, after "regarding" strike "to implement the formula" and insert "whether to implement the funding"

On page 2, line 8, after "July 1," strike "2024" and insert "2025"

On page 2, line 9, after "August 1," strike "2024" and insert "2025"

EFFECT:   Delays the date that the work group's recommendations are due by one year to December 1, 2024. Delays the date by which implementation of any of the funding allocation recommendations must be effective by one year to July 1, 2025. Makes technical changes to include an omitted word and use consistent terminology.

--- END ---