1125-S.E AMS VALD S3008.1
ESHB 1125 - S AMD TO S AMD (S-2949.1/23) 275
By Senator Valdez
ADOPTED 04/05/2023
On page 3, beginning on line 24, after "with" strike all material through "causes" on line 27 and insert ":
(i) Industry motor carriers, including national carriers and regional carriers, that operate triple trailer configurations to gather vehicle miles traveled, collisions, and causes and severity"
On page 3, after line 31, insert the following:
"(ii) A labor organization that represents predominantly commercial truck drivers; and"
On page 4, beginning on line 16, after "legislature" strike all material through "actions" on line 18 and insert "its findings and any recommendations"
EFFECT: (1) Modifies who JLARC must consult with as part of its review of triple trailer configurations by removing the minimum number of industry motor carriers and including a labor organization representing commercial truck drivers.
(2) Adds the severity of collisions involving triple trailer configurations as new data to collect.
(3) Modifies reporting requirements for JLARC to include only its findings and recommendations.
--- END ---