2039-S.E AMS LOVE S5461.3
ESHB 2039 - S AMD TO ENET COMM AMD (S-5242.3/24) 745
By Senator Lovelett
ADOPTED 02/27/2024
On page 7, beginning on line 5, strike all of subsection (2)(c) and insert the following:
"(c) The time period in (b) of this subsection may be extended 60 days on a motion from a party or by the pollution control hearings board upon a finding of good cause. The time period in (b) of this subsection may also be waived if agreed to by all parties."
EFFECT: Changes the requirements for extending the timeline for consolidated appeals, allowing an extension of 60 days upon a finding of good cause. Allows the time period for hearing consolidated appeals to be waived if agreed upon by all parties to the action.
--- END ---