5082-S AMS SHOR S1098.1
SSB 5082 - S AMD TO S AMD (S-0966.3/23) 17
By Senator Short
NOT ADOPTED 02/08/2023
Beginning on page 1, line 3, strike all material through "REVENUE" on page 5, line 1
Renumber the remaining sections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.
On page 7, beginning on line 1, after "line" strike all material through "43.135.041." on line 5 and insert "1 of the title, after "to" strike the remainder of the title and insert "advisory votes; amending RCW 29A.32.031; and adding a new section to chapter 44.48 RCW."
EFFECT: Restores the requirement for advisory votes on measures raising taxes as defined in statute.
--- END ---