5217-S AMS WAGO S2001.1
SSB 5217 - S AMD TO S AMD (S-1922.4/23) 101
By Senator Wagoner
NOT ADOPTED 03/01/2023
On page 4, line 11, after "(1)" strike "The" and insert "Beginning July 1, 2028, the"
On page 6, line 6, after "(8)" strike "Annually" and insert "Beginning on the effective date of this section and continuing annually"
On page 6, line 10, after "published;" strike "and"
On page 6, line 15, after "review" insert "; and
(c) Publish technical guidance for each industry and risk classification eligible under (a) of this subsection designed to encourage the adoption of best practices and ensure a reduction in potential adverse ergonomic risk factors"
EFFECT: Delays the start date of the department of labor and industries' musculoskeletal injury and disorder rule-making authority to July 1, 2028. Beginning with the effective date of this act, requires the department to publish technical guidance for each eligible industry and risk classification designed to encourage best practices and reduce adverse ergonomic risk factors.
--- END ---