5393-S2 AMS ROBI S2179.1
2SSB 5393 - S AMD 191
By Senator Robinson
On page 4, beginning line 4, after "means" strike all material through "entity" on line 7 and insert "a provision of a provider contract that:
(i) Requires the health carrier to include all hospitals or affiliates of a hospital in a network plan; or
(ii) Requires the health carrier to enter into any additional contract with another hospital or affiliate of a hospital as a condition of entering into a contract with such hospitals or affiliates of a hospital"
On page 5, line 10, after "state" insert ", considering factors including but not limited to health plan rates and historical trends, commercial provider payment rates, the number of carriers offering coverage in the state, and the number and types of hospitals or health care systems operating in the state"
On page 5, beginning on line 11, after "include" strike all material though "market" on line 15 and insert "a review of enforcement of federal and state laws and activities related to anticompetitive behaviors in the health care market by the federal trade commission, the United States department of justice, and the Washington state attorney general's office"
EFFECT: Modifies the definition of "all-or-nothing clause." Adds specificity to the type of data OIC must consider when studying other states regulatory approaches to address affordability. Modifies the OIC study direction pertaining to reviewing federal and state activities related to anticompetitive behavior.
--- END ---