5452 AMS KING S1895.1
SB 5452 - S AMD 84
By Senator King
NOT ADOPTED 02/28/2023
On page 3, line 6, after "(7)" insert "(a)"
Reletter the remaining subsections consecutively.
On page 3, line 7, after "streets" strike "((and))," and insert "and"
On page 3, beginning on line 8, after "roads" strike all material through "use" on line 9
On page 3, after line 11, insert the following:
"(b) "Public facilities" includes bicycle and pedestrian facilities that were designed with multimodal commuting as an intended use for cities that meet at least one of the following criteria: (i) Has a population of at least 70,000, but no more than 80,000 and located within a county with a population of at least 2,000,000; or (ii) can demonstrate that paying for such a facility with fees collected under this chapter is less costly than using other funding sources to complete the project."
EFFECT: Limits the application of the bill.
--- END ---