5634-S2 AMS CONW S2144.1
2SSB 5634 - S AMD 187
By Senator Conway
ADOPTED 03/08/2023
On page 2, line 21, after "(a)" strike "the prevention and" and insert "((the prevention and))year-round integrated problem gambling prevention efforts that include community engagement and the"
On page 3, line 2, after "disorder;" strike "and"
On page 3, line 4, after "treatment" insert "; and
(c) Be unable to afford treatment"
EFFECT: Specifies that the prevention component of the gambling and gambling disorder program established at the Health Care Authority is a year-round integrated solution that includes community engagement. Adds the inability to pay for treatment as one of the conditions in which a person can receive treatment from the prevention and treatment program for gambling and gambling disorder.
--- END ---