SHB 1258
C 348 L 23
Synopsis as Enacted
Brief Description: Increasing tourism to Washington state through enhancement of the statewide tourism marketing account and changing necessary match requirements.
Sponsors: House Committee on Appropriations (originally sponsored by Representatives Ryu, Volz, Steele, Walen, Reeves, Waters, Chambers, Reed, Christian, Cortes, Callan, Schmidt, Barkis and Fosse).
House Committee on Innovation, Community & Economic Development, & Veterans
House Committee on Appropriations
Senate Committee on Business, Financial Services, Gaming & Trade
Senate Committee on Ways & Means

Washington Tourism Marketing Authority.
The Washington Tourism Marketing Authority (Authority) contracts for statewide tourism marketing services that promote tourism in Washington.  The Authority is governed by a board of directors.  A nonvoting advisory committee advises the board.
Statewide Tourism Marketing Account.

Of the taxes collected on the retail sales of lodging, car rentals, and restaurants, 0.2 percent must be deposited into the Statewide Tourism Marketing Account (Account).  Up to $3 million of revenue may be collected per biennium and must be deposited into the Account.  The deposit to the Account may only occur if the Legislature authorizes the deposit in the biennial omnibus appropriation act.

Expenditures from the Account may only be made for allowable expenses related to implementation of the statewide tourism program and operation of the Authority.  The Account is subject to appropriation.  A two-to-one nonstate or state fund, other than State General Fund, match must be provided for all expenditures from the Account.  A match may consist of nonstate or state fund, other than State General Fund, cash contributions, the value of an advertising equivalency contribution, or an in-kind contribution.  The Authority's board of directors must determine criteria for what qualifies as an in-kind contribution.
Use of Funds
From amounts appropriated for the Authority and from other moneys available to it, the Authority may use funds for the following:

  • entering into a contract for a multiple year statewide tourism marketing plan with a statewide nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is marketing Washington to tourists;
  • contracting for the evaluation of the impact of the statewide tourism marketing program; and
  • paying for administrative expenses of the Authority, which may not exceed 2 percent of the state portion of funds collected in any fiscal year.

A one-to-one, instead of a two-to-one, nonstate or state fund, other than State General Fund, match must be provided for all expenditures from the Account.

Votes on Final Passage:
House 96 0
Senate 49 0 (Senate amended)
House 96 0 (House concurred)

July 23, 2023