ESSB 5143
C 37 L 23
Synopsis as Enacted
Brief Description: Changing the name of and adding a member to the commission on pesticide registration.
Sponsors: Senate Committee on Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources & Parks (originally sponsored by Senators Torres, Dhingra, Rolfes, Salda?a, Shewmake and Warnick).
Senate Committee on Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources & Parks
House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources

In 1995, the Commission on Pesticide Registration (Commission) was created to conduct studies concerning the registration of pesticides for minor crops and minor uses and the availability of pesticides for emergency uses, and establish a program for tracking the availability of pesticides for such crops and uses. Minor crops and minor uses are for crops and uses considered to be minor in the national context of registering pesticides.

The Commission also assists agricultural organizations in providing funding; in-kind services; or materials for research, implementation, and demonstration of any aspect of integrated pest management and pesticide resistance management programs.


The Commission is made up of 12 voting members appointed by the director of the Department of Agriculture. The Commission includes eight members from various agricultural industries, including tree fruit growers, hop growers, potato growers, wheat growers, vegetable and seed growers, berry growers, wine grape growers, and the nursery and landscape industry. The Commission also includes members from the forest protection industry, food processors, agricultural chemical industry, and professional pesticide applicators. There are also five non-voting members representing state agencies including the Washington State departments of Agriculture, Health, Ecology, and Labor and Industries, as well as Washington State University.


The name of the Commission is changed to the Commission on Integrated Pest Management.  A representative of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10, who has working knowledge of federal pesticide policy issues is added as a non-voting member of the Commission.

Votes on Final Passage:
Senate 49 0
House 96 0

July 23, 2023