State of Washington
68th Legislature
2023 Regular Session
ByRepresentatives Stonier, Senn, Callan, Kloba, Santos, Bergquist, and Timmons
Read first time 02/01/23.Referred to Committee on Appropriations.
AN ACT Relating to allowing school districts to apply for financial literacy education professional development grants for three or fewer school years; and amending RCW 28A.300.466.
Sec. 1. RCW 28A.300.466 and 2022 c 238 s 1 are each amended to read as follows:
(1) Subject to the availability of amounts appropriated for this specific purpose, the financial education public-private partnership shall establish a grant program to provide assistance to school districts for the purpose of integrating financial literacy education into professional development for certificated staff.
(2) Grants provided under this section shall be made available for the 2023-24, 2024-25, and 2025-26 school years, and shall be funded at the amount of $7.50 per enrolled student in the school district, as determined by the annual average full-time equivalent student enrollment reported to the office of the superintendent of public instruction. A school district ((that receives a grant under this section may only receive a grant for one school year and is prohibited from receiving a grant in subsequent grant cycles))may apply for and receive grants under this section for each school year in which the grants are available, but the total amount of funds received by a school district in accordance with this section may not exceed $7.50 per enrolled student in the school district.
(3) For a school district to qualify for a grant under this section, the grant proposal must provide that the grantee integrate financial literacy education into at least seven hours of its current in-person professional development schedule over the course of the entire school year for which the school district receives the grant. School districts that currently integrate financial literacy education into professional development are also eligible to qualify for a grant under this section if the professional development has been approved by the financial education public-private partnership.
(4) Additional activities permitted for the use of these grants include, but are not limited to:
(a) Coordinating teachers from across a school district to develop new instructional strategies and to share successful strategies;
(b) Sharing successful practices across a group of school districts; and
(c) Facilitating coordination between educational service districts and school districts to provide training.
(5) The office of the superintendent of public instruction, in coordination with the financial education public-private partnership, may adopt rules for the effective implementation of this section.
(6) This section expires August 1, 2026.
--- END ---