Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 132H-204 WAC
Last Update: 2/1/75

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WAC Sections
132H-204-030Policy of use.
132H-204-040Use of motor pool vehicles.
132H-204-050Use of motor pool vehicles—Permission required.
132H-204-060Use of motor pool vehicles—Time limitation.
132H-204-070Use of motor pool vehicles—Notification of state patrol—When needed.
132H-204-080Use of motor pool vehicles—Accidents—Notification.
132H-204-090Use of motor pool vehicles—Returning vehicle—Requirements.
132H-204-100Use of motor pool vehicles—Use priority.
132H-204-110Use of motor pool vehicles—Valid Washington state driver's license required.
132H-204-120Use of motor pool vehicles—Current vehicle permit required.
132H-204-130Use of motor pool vehicles—Must obey all laws.
132H-204-140Use of motor pool vehicles—Citations responsibility of operator.
132H-204-150Use of motor pool vehicles—Use of vehicle limited to specified time.
132H-204-160Use of motor pool vehicles—Trip ticket—Completion and return.
132H-204-170Enforcement of policy.