Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 135-100 WAC
Last Update: 5/1/07

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WAC Sections
135-100-010Purpose of this rule.
135-100-030Purpose and use of assessments.
135-100-040County has authority to impose assessment.
135-100-050System of assessments.
135-100-060Term of assessment.
135-100-070Public lands may be assessed.
135-100-080Assessment rates.
135-100-090Forest lands may be assessed at special rates.
135-100-100Special notice requirements for public hearings.
135-100-110Conservation district public hearing before August 1.
135-100-120Conservation district proposal and budget filed with county.
135-100-130County public hearing after receiving proposal.
135-100-140County may modify proposed system after public hearing.
135-100-150County imposes system of assessments.
135-100-160Conservation district may withdraw assessment.
135-100-170Conservation district may alter assessment on parcels.
135-100-180Conservation district prepares assessment roll.
135-100-190County assessor applies assessment to tax rolls.
135-100-200County treasurer collects assessments.
135-100-210County can recover actual costs.
135-100-220Conservation district to receive all remaining funds.
135-100-230Conservation district to inform landowners.
135-100-240Landowners may petition the county to object.
135-100-250Renewal of assessment.