Washington Administrative Code
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Title 181 WAC
Last Update: 12/4/19

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181-01WEST-B assessment program.
181-02WEST-E assessment program.
181-77Standards for career and technical education certification.
181-77AApproval standards for career and technical education teacher preparation programs based on business and industry work experience.
181-78AApproval standards for performance-based preparation programs for teachers, administrators, and educational staff associates.
181-79AStandards for teacher, administrator, and educational staff associate certification.
181-80Alternative routes to certification.
181-82Certificate endorsements and assignment of certificated personnel.
181-82APerformance-based teacher certificate endorsements.
181-85Professional certification—Continuing education requirement.
181-86Professional certification—Policies and procedures for administration of certification proceedings.
181-87Professional certification—Acts of unprofessional conduct.
181-88Definitions of sexual misconduct, verbal abuse and physical abuse—Mandatory disclosure—Prohibited agreements.
181-97Excellence in teacher preparation award.