Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 192-180 WAC
Last Update: 12/13/16

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WAC Sections
192-180-005Registration for work—RCW 50.20.010(1) and 50.20.230.
192-180-010Job search requirements—Directives—RCW 50.20.010 (1)(c) and 50.20.240.
192-180-012Requirements of individuals who leave work due to illness or disability.
192-180-013What are the job search requirements for individuals who work less than full time?
192-180-014Requirements of individuals who leave work due to domestic violence or stalking—RCW 50.20.010 (1)(c).
192-180-015Tracking job search activities—RCW 50.20.240.
192-180-020Monitoring job search activities—RCW 50.20.240.
192-180-025Job search reviews.
192-180-030Are there penalties if I do not comply with the job search monitoring program?
192-180-040Directive to attend job search workshop or training course—RCW 50.20.044.
192-180-060How will the department identify individuals who are likely to exhaust benefits?—RCW 50.20.011.