Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 192-220 WAC
Last Update: 1/31/17

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WAC Sections
192-220-010Will I be notified about a potential overpayment?
192-220-015What is an overpayment assessment?
192-220-017Am I required to repay the overpayment?
192-220-020When does the department consider me at fault for an overpayment?
192-220-030What does equity and good conscience mean in regard to overpayment waiver decisions?—RCW 50.20.190(2).
192-220-040How will the disqualification period and penalty established by RCW 50.20.070 be assessed?
192-220-045How is the fraud penalty calculated?—RCW 50.20.070.
192-220-050Will I receive a decision if a fraud penalty changes following a redetermination or appeal of another fraud decision?
192-220-060Will I be notified of my right to appeal the overpayment?
192-220-070Overpayments under RCW 50.12.070 (2)(c).
192-220-080How do I obtain a waiver?