Washington Administrative Code
2019 Archive

Chapter 192-230 WAC
Last Update: 10/7/16

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WAC Sections
192-230-010Repayment terms defined.
192-230-020How are cash payments and offsets applied to my overpayment?
192-230-030How is the minimum payment calculated?
192-230-040When are interest charges added to my overpayment?
192-230-090May I repay an overpayment by offset against my benefits?
192-230-100What amount will be offset from my benefits to repay the overpayment?
192-230-110May I negotiate with the department to repay less than the full amount of my benefit overpayment?—RCW 50.24.020.
192-230-120Will a settlement offer be accepted if my overpayment is the result of fraud, misrepresentation, or willful nondisclosure?
192-230-130How do I make a negotiated settlement offer?