Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 192-610 WAC
Last Update: 11/19/19

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WAC Sections
192-610-005How does an employee apply for benefits?
192-610-010What information is an employee required to provide to the department when applying for benefits?
192-610-015When will the employee be required to provide documentation or certification to the department?
192-610-020What is required on the certification for medical leave or for family leave to care for a family member who has a serious health condition?
192-610-025Documenting the birth or placement of a child for family leave.
192-610-030Documenting a military exigency for family leave.
192-610-035Documenting a family relationship.
192-610-040Can an employee backdate an application or a weekly claim for benefits?
192-610-045May the department refuse to accept an employee's application, appeal, or petition?
192-610-050How are typical workweek hours determined?
192-610-051How is the weekly benefit calculated?
192-610-052How will the department obtain wages and hours that have not yet been reported by employers?
192-610-055What is an employee's maximum benefit length?
192-610-060Will the employer be notified if an employee files an application for benefits?
192-610-065Will the department provide guidance to an employee filing a claim for paid family and medical leave benefits?
192-610-066How will the department make employees aware of their rights and responsibilities?
192-610-070Can an employee cancel a claim after it has been submitted to the department?
192-610-075Can an employer require an employee to take paid time off in place of paid family or medical leave benefits?
192-610-080When should an employee reopen a claim?
192-610-085How should an employee reopen a claim?