Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 250-85 WAC
Last Update: 7/16/10

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WAC Sections
250-85-010What is the Washington award for vocational excellence (WAVE) program?
250-85-020What is the application process for the WAVE scholarship?
250-85-030What eligibility requirements must a recipient meet to use the WAVE scholarship?
250-85-040What other conditions apply to the use of the WAVE scholarship?
250-85-050What are the term usage and time limits for the WAVE scholarship?
250-85-060What is the monetary value of the WAVE scholarship?
250-85-070What is the result of dropping a class after receiving the WAVE scholarship funds?
250-85-080What educational costs may be paid with the WAVE scholarship?
250-85-090What are the payment priorities for the WAVE scholarship?
250-85-100Where may a recipient use the WAVE scholarship?
250-85-110What are the responsibilities of a WAVE scholarship recipient?
250-85-120What are the responsibilities of the workforce training and education coordinating board?
250-85-130What are the responsibilities of the higher education coordinating board?