Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 257-05 WAC
Last Update: 5/24/07

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WAC Sections
257-05-020What is the purpose of WAC 257-05-020 through 257-05-240?
257-05-040What definitions apply to WAC 257-05-020 through 257-05-240?
257-05-060What is safety training?
257-05-080What content must be included in safety training?
257-05-100Is competency testing required for safety training?
257-05-120Is there a challenge test for safety training?
257-05-130When does a safety training attestation form need to be completed?
257-05-132What does an individual provider do with the attestation form?
257-05-134Who maintains the attestation form?
257-05-140What documentation is required for classroom-based safety training?
257-05-160Who is required to complete safety training and when must it be completed?
257-05-180How often must safety training be completed?
257-05-200Is there an alternative to safety training for some providers?
257-05-220Does successful completion of safety training meet DSHS continuing education requirements for individual providers?
257-05-240Will DSHS deny payment of an individual provider who does not complete safety training?