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Chapter 388-60B WAC
Last Update: 7/11/19

Domestic violence perpetrator treatment program standards
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WAC Sections
388-60B-0015What definitions apply to this chapter?
388-60B-0025What is the purpose of this chapter?
388-60B-0035The department's advisory committee—Who is on the advisory committee and what is its role?
388-60B-0045Program records requirements—What records must programs keep?
388-60B-0055Department record retention—What records must the department keep?
388-60B-0100Certification requirements—Must a program be certified to provide domestic violence assessments or treatment?
388-60B-0105Application process—How must a program apply for certification or recertification to provide domestic violence assessments or intervention treatment services?
388-60B-0110Required documentation for certification and recertification—What must be included in an application to provide domestic violence assessments or treatment?
388-60B-0115Policies and procedures—Which policies and procedures must be approved by the department before I may provide domestic violence assessments or treatment services?
388-60B-0120Facility requirements—What facility requirements must a program meet for the space where domestic violence intervention assessments or treatment services are provided?
388-60B-0125Quality management—What are the minimum treatment outcomes for participants and how must a program measure staff and treatment effectiveness?
388-60B-0130Adding to existing certification—How must a program add assessments or a level of treatment to an existing certification?
388-60B-0135Change in ownership—What must be sent to the department when a program is sold or changes ownership?
388-60B-0140Change of address—What must be sent to the department when a program changes the physical location of where they provide assessments or groups?
388-60B-0200Personnel records—What personnel records must a program keep for direct service staff?
388-60B-0210Minimum staff qualifications—What staff qualifications must a program document for direct service staff?
388-60B-0220Staff disclosures—What disclosures must direct service staff provide to participants seeking assessments or who are in the program?
388-60B-0230Trainee requirements—What qualifications must the program document for direct treatment staff designated as a "trainee" by the department?
388-60B-0240Staff requirements—What qualifications must the program document for direct treatment staff designated as "staff" by the department?
388-60B-0250Supervisor requirements—What qualifications must the program document for direct treatment staff designated as a "supervisor" by the department?
388-60B-0260Supervisor responsibilities—What responsibilities must the supervisor document for the program?
388-60B-0270Continuing education—What continuing education requirements must the program document for direct service staff?
388-60B-0280Adding direct treatment staff—What documentation must a program submit to the department to add a new direct service staff person, or request designation as a staff or supervisor for existing direct service staff, during a certification period?
388-60B-0300Referral screening—May a program screen referrals in order to accept or deny services to potential participants?
388-60B-0305Nondiscrimination—What are the nondiscrimination criteria with which a program must comply?
388-60B-0310Treatment focus—What requirements must a program focus on during treatment and what methods of treatment may they use?
388-60B-0315Group treatment—What standards must programs follow regarding the provision of group treatment?
388-60B-0320Treatment practices—How must a program approach treatment and what must happen if it is determined that a participant should move into a different level of treatment?
388-60B-0325Victim safety—What steps must programs take in order to help increase victim safety?
388-60B-0330Victim confidentiality—What must programs do in order to safeguard victim confidentiality?
388-60B-0335Cooperation with victim services—How must a program cooperate with local domestic violence victim services agencies?
388-60B-0340Domestic violence laws—What must a program know about domestic violence laws and justice system practices?
388-60B-0345Participant requirements—What must the program require of participants accepted into a domestic violence intervention treatment program?
388-60B-0350Co-occurring treatment—May participants engage in other types of treatments while they are in domestic violence intervention treatment?
388-60B-0355Participant rights—What are the participant rights that a program must follow and provide to the participant?
388-60B-0360Participant confidentiality—What must programs do in order to safeguard participant confidentiality?
388-60B-0365Releases of information—What releases of information must the program require from participants before they are accepted into a program?
388-60B-0370Participant contracts—What elements must be included in a contract between a program and participant?
388-60B-0400Behavioral assessment and interview criteria—Who may conduct the interview and assessment and what must it include?
388-60B-0405Treatment planning—What must the treatment plan include and when must it be updated?
388-60B-0410Placement criteria—How must a program determine a participant's level of treatment?
388-60B-0415Required cognitive and behavioral changes—Depending on their level of treatment, what changes must the program document that the participant has made?
388-60B-0420Minimum treatment periods and requirements—How must a program determine the treatment period for each participant?
388-60B-0425Reoffenses and noncompliance during treatment—What must happen if a participant reoffends or is not compliant while they are in treatment?
388-60B-0430Completion criteria and core competencies—What must the program document for a participant to be eligible to successfully complete treatment?
388-60B-0435Discharging participants—What must a program do when a participant is discharged from treatment?
388-60B-0500On-site reviews and plans of correction—How does the department review certified programs for compliance with the regulations of this chapter?
388-60B-0510Complaint investigations—How must an investigation get initiated and what is the process of the investigation?
388-60B-0520Program or staff status changes—What must happen if a program's certification or a staff member's designation is changed by the department?
388-60B-0530Program responsibilities after an action—What actions must the program take after notification that its certification has been suspended, revoked, or if no direct service staff are qualified to provide services?