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Chapter 388-101D WAC
Last Update: 4/10/19

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WAC Sections
388-101D-0020Residential services contract.
388-101D-0025Service provider responsibilities.
388-101D-0030Staffing requirements.
388-101D-0035Liability insurance required.
388-101D-0040Liability insurance required—Commercial general liability insurance or business liability insurance coverage.
388-101D-0045Liability insurance required—Professional liability insurance coverage.
388-101D-0050Administrative documents.
388-101D-0055Administrator responsibilities and training.
388-101D-0060Policies and procedures.
388-101D-0065Background check—General.
388-101D-0070Background checks—National fingerprint background checks.
388-101D-0075Background checks—Requirements for service providers.
388-101D-0080Background checks—Provisional hire—Pending results.
388-101D-0085Training requirements.
388-101D-0087Long-term care worker requirements.
388-101D-0090Staff training.
388-101D-0095Staff training before working alone with clients.
388-101D-0100Staff training within four weeks of employment.
388-101D-0105Staff training within six months of employment.
388-101D-0110Staff training to be current.
388-101D-0115Certified community residential services and supports—General training requirements.
388-101D-0125Client rights.
388-101D-0130Treatment of clients.
388-101D-0140Residential guidelines.
388-101D-0145Client services.
388-101D-0150Client health services support.
388-101D-0155Medical devices.
388-101D-0160Nurse delegation.
388-101D-0165Client transportation.
388-101D-0170Physical and safety requirements.
388-101D-0175Services to nonclients.
388-101D-0180Community protection clients and other clients in the same household.
388-101D-0185Client refusal to participate in services.
388-101D-0190Changes in client service needs—Nonemergent.
388-101D-0195Changes in client service needs—Emergent.
388-101D-0200Service provider refusal to serve a client.
388-101D-0205Individual support plan.
388-101D-0210Development of the individual instruction and support plan.
388-101D-0215Documentation of the individual instruction and support plan.
388-101D-0220Implementation of the individual instruction and support plan.
388-101D-0225Accessibility of the individual instruction and support plan.
388-101D-0230Ongoing updating of the individual instruction and support plan.
388-101D-0235Shared expenses and client related funds.
388-101D-0240Individual financial plan.
388-101D-0245Managing client funds.
388-101D-0250Using client funds for health services.
388-101D-0255Reconciling and verifying client accounts.
388-101D-0260Combining service provider and client funds.
388-101D-0265Client bankbooks and bankcards.
388-101D-0270Client financial records.
388-101D-0275Transferring client funds.
388-101D-0280Client loans.
388-101D-0285Client reimbursement.
388-101D-0290Client payment.
388-101D-0295Medication services—General.
388-101D-0300Medication—Types of support.
388-101D-0310Medication assistance.
388-101D-0315Medication administration—Nurse delegation.
388-101D-0320Medication administration.
388-101D-0325Medication refusal.
388-101D-0330Storage of medications.
388-101D-0335Medication organizers.
388-101D-0345Disposal of medications.
388-101D-0350Psychoactive medication assessment.
388-101D-0355Psychoactive medication treatment plan.
388-101D-0360Psychoactive medication monitoring.
388-101D-0365Psychoactive medications—Other.
388-101D-0370Confidentiality of client records.
388-101D-0375Charging for searching and duplicating records.
388-101D-0380Retention of client records.
388-101D-0385Contents of client records.
388-101D-0390Client's property records.
388-101D-0395Record entries.
388-101D-0400Positive behavior support.
388-101D-0405Functional assessment.
388-101D-0410Positive behavior support plan.
388-101D-0415Client protection.
388-101D-0420Group home providers.
388-101D-0425Restrictive procedures.
388-101D-0430Restrictive procedures approval.
388-101D-0435Physical intervention systems.
388-101D-0440Physical interventions.
388-101D-0445Restrictive physical interventions.
388-101D-0450Physical intervention training.
388-101D-0455Mechanical and chemical restraints.
388-101D-0460Monitoring physical and mechanical restraints.
388-101D-0465Community protection—Approval.
388-101D-0470Community protection—Policies and procedures.
388-101D-0475Community protection—Treatment team meetings.
388-101D-0480Community protection—Staff training.
388-101D-0485Community protection—Treatment plan.
388-101D-0490Community protection—Client records.
388-101D-0495Community protection—Client transportation.
388-101D-0500Community protection—Program residential location.
388-101D-0505Community protection—Reducing a client's restrictions.
388-101D-0510Community protection—Leaving the program against treatment team advice.
388-101D-0515Crisis diversion—Access to services.
388-101D-0520Crisis diversion bed services—Location.
388-101D-0525Crisis diversion bed services—Services and activities.
388-101D-0530Crisis diversion bed services—Treatment plan.
388-101D-0535Crisis diversion bed and support service providers—Client records.
388-101D-0540Crisis diversion bed services—Client records.
388-101D-0545Crisis diversion support services—Location.
388-101D-0550Crisis diversion support services—Services and activities.
388-101D-0560What is a group training home?
388-101D-0565What are the physical requirements for a group training home bedroom?
388-101D-0570What are the physical requirements for a group training home bathroom?
388-101D-0575How must a group training home manage food and maintain its kitchen?
388-101D-0580Must the group training home adapt the home to suit a client's needs?
388-101D-0585What building codes apply to group training homes?
388-101D-0590When must a group training home be inspected by a local building official?
388-101D-0595What steps must be taken before moving a client out of the home during construction?
388-101D-0600Who is responsible for cleaning and maintaining a group training home?
388-101D-0605How must a group training home protect clients from risks associated with bodies of water?
388-101D-0610What requirements must a group training home's fireplaces, heaters, and stoves meet?
388-101D-0615What requirements must the group training home's smoke detectors and fire extinguishers meet?
388-101D-0620How must a group training home prepare for emergency evacuations?
388-101D-0625How much emergency food and drinking water must be kept in the group training home?
388-101D-0630What must a group training home consider when providing nutritional services?
388-101D-0635What requirements must an employee or volunteer meet to prepare meals and snacks in a group training home?
388-101D-0640When may a pet live in a group training home?
388-101D-0645What infection control practices must a group training home implement?
388-101D-0650What must a group training home do to detect and manage tuberculosis?
388-101D-0655What type of tuberculin test must a group training home employee complete?
388-101D-0660When is a group training home employee not required to complete a tuberculin test?
388-101D-0665When must a group training home employee complete a one-step tuberculin test?
388-101D-0670When must a group training home employee complete a two-step tuberculin test?
388-101D-0675What happens if a group training home employee receives a positive tuberculin test result?
388-101D-0680Must a group training home employee complete follow-up testing?
388-101D-0685What must a group training home do when a client or employee has tuberculosis symptoms or receives a positive chest X-ray result?
388-101D-0690What records must a group training home maintain related to tuberculin testing?
388-101D-0695What rights and protections does a client living in a group training home have?
388-101D-0700What notice requirements must a group training home meet?
388-101D-0705What requirements under this chapter is a group training home provider exempt from?
388-101D-0120Approval of staff-coverage schedules. [WSR 16-14-058, recodified as § 388-101D-0120, filed 6/30/16, effective 8/1/16. Statutory Authority: Chapter 71A.12 RCW. WSR 08-02-022, § 388-101-3310, filed 12/21/07, effective 2/1/08.] Repealed by WSR 19-09-033, filed 4/10/19, effective 5/11/19. Statutory Authority: RCW 71A.12.030, 71A.12.120 and 2018 c 299.