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Chapter 388-114 WAC
Last Update: 3/31/17

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WAC Sections
388-114-0010What is the purpose of this chapter?
388-114-0020What definitions apply to this chapter?
388-114-0030How does the department determine an individual provider's permanent work week limit?
388-114-0040How many hours may the department approve an individual provider to work in a work week?
388-114-0050What if the service hours the individual provider was paid for in January 2016 does not accurately represent the individual provider's work history in February and March 2016?
388-114-0070May an individual provider work more than his or her permanent work week limit?
388-114-0080When may the department temporarily approve a client specific increase to an individual provider's work week limit?
388-114-0090How does the individual provider work week limit affect the client's responsibilities listed in WAC 388-71-0505?
388-114-0100How does the individual provider work week limit affect the individual provider's responsibilities in WAC 388-71-0515?
388-114-0110What happens when an individual provider, who is a family member or household member, provides more care or services than authorized in the client's plan of care?
388-114-0120What happens if an individual provider works more service hours in a work week than the individual provider's work week limit or claims unapproved travel or service hours or nonrequired training time?
388-114-0130How is travel time approved and authorized?
388-114-0140Are there limitations on travel time?