Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 388-315 WAC
Last Update: 11/27/12

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WAC Sections
388-315-1000Tribal TANF—Overview—Why do we have state rules regarding tribal temporary assistance for needy families program and state maintenance of effort funds?
388-315-1050Tribal TANF—Overview—What is state maintenance of effort?
388-315-1100Tribal TANF—Overview—Do tribal TANF programs receive state maintenance of effort funds?
388-315-1150Tribal TANF—Overview—What agreements does the state establish with a tribe or consortium of tribes prior to distribution of state maintenance of effort funding for a tribal TANF program?
388-315-2050Tribal TANF—State maintenance of effort requirements—What is considered an allowable use of state maintenance of effort funds?
388-315-3000Tribal TANF—Reporting requirements—What are the tribal TANF reporting requirements?