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Chapter 388-834 WAC
Last Update: 11/20/15

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WAC Sections
388-834-0001What is the purpose of this chapter?
388-834-0005Who is affected by the rules in this chapter?
388-834-0015When is a PASRR level I completed?
388-834-0020Is a PASRR level I or level II required for a readmission or interfacility transfer?
388-834-0025When is a PASRR level II completed?
388-834-0030How is the PASRR level II evaluation completed for screenings indicating an intellectual disability or related condition?
388-834-0035Can an individual be admitted to a nursing facility before the PASRR level II evaluation is completed?
388-834-0040What is the process when a DDA PASRR evaluator determines that nursing facility placement is appropriate for an individual and that the individual requires specialized services?
388-834-0045How does DDA provide notice of PASRR determinations?
388-834-0050What appeal rights does an individual have related to PASRR?
388-834-0055Are there any other rules related to PASRR?