Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 16-306 WAC
Last Update: 12/14/21

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WAC Sections
16-306-010Purpose of chapter.
16-306-020Activities outside the scope of the hemp program.
16-306-040Hemp producer license application.
16-306-050Hemp producer license.
16-306-055Voluntary hemp processor registration.
16-306-060Records retention.
16-306-070Hemp seed and propagules.
16-306-080Hemp inspection and sampling criteria.
16-306-090Hemp THC testing criteria.
16-306-100Voluntary certification for hemp intended for human consumption.
16-306-110Hemp for human consumption as food.
16-306-120THC certification.
16-306-130Transporting hemp.
16-306-140Hemp producer license fees.
16-306-150Hemp inspection fees.
16-306-160Hemp THC testing fees.
16-306-170Hemp noncompliance for THC concentration.
16-306-180License denial, suspension or revocation, and right to adjudicative proceeding.
16-306-190Suspension of hemp license for noncompliance with a child support order.
16-306-200Corrective action plan.
16-306-210Culpable violations.
16-306-220Venue for legal action.