Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 182-501 WAC
Last Update: 4/7/21

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WAC Sections
182-501-0050Health care general coverage.
182-501-0055Health care coverage—How the agency determines coverage of services for its health care programs using health technology assessments.
182-501-0060Health care coverage—Program benefit packages—Scope of service categories.
182-501-0065Health care coverage—Description of service categories.
182-501-0070Health care coverage—Noncovered services.
182-501-0125Advance directives.
182-501-0135Patient review and coordination (PRC).
182-501-0160Exception to rule—Request for a noncovered health care service.
182-501-0163Health care coverage—Process for submitting a valid request for authorization.
182-501-0165Medical and dental coverage—Fee-for-service (FFS) prior authorization—Determination process for payment.
182-501-0169Health care coverage—Limitation extension.
182-501-0175Medical care provided in bordering cities.
182-501-0180Health care services provided outside the state of Washington—General provisions.
182-501-0182Health care provided in another state or U.S. territory—Nonemergency.
182-501-0184Health care services provided outside of the United States and U.S. territories or in a foreign country.
182-501-0200Third-party resources.
182-501-0213Case management services.
182-501-0215Wraparound with intensive services (WISe).