Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 194-40 WAC
Last Update: 5/24/21

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WAC Sections
194-40-010Purpose and scope.
194-40-040Performance and compliance reporting for the GHG neutral standard and 100% clean electricity standard.
194-40-050Submission of clean energy implementation plan.
194-40-060Reporting fuel mix and greenhouse gas emission.
194-40-100Social cost of greenhouse gas emissions.
194-40-110Methodologies to incorporate social cost of greenhouse gas emissions.
194-40-200Clean energy implementation plan.
194-40-210Resource adequacy standard.
194-40-220Public input for planning.
194-40-230Compliance using two percent incremental cost of compliance.
194-40-300Documentation concerning coal-fired resources.
194-40-310Documentation of nonemitting electric generation.
194-40-330Methodologies for energy efficiency and demand response resources.
194-40-340Acquisition of new resources other than renewable resources and energy storage.
194-40-350Use of alternative compliance options by utilities using two percent incremental cost threshold.
194-40-360Temporary exemption, demonstration of plan to achieve full compliance.
194-40-400Documentation and retirement of renewable energy credits.
194-40-430Thermal RECs—Applicability.
194-40-440Thermal RECs—Measuring.
194-40-450Thermal RECs—Tracking.
194-40-460Thermal RECs—Reporting.