Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 220-353 WAC
Last Update: 11/22/21

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WAC Sections
220-353-010General rules—Commercial fishery.
220-353-020General gear rules—Commercial fishery.
220-353-030General provisions—Lawful and unlawful acts—Food fish other than salmon.
220-353-040Gaffing and use of other body-penetrating devices—Commercial.
220-353-050Possession of food fish and shellfish—Identification—Commercial.
220-353-060Possession of a net aboard a vessel—Commercial fishery.
220-353-070Placing commercial gear in closed waters—Unlawful.
220-353-080Testing commercial fishing gear.
220-353-090Unlawful sale of food fish and shellfish.
220-353-100Unlawful possession and sale of unclassified marine invertebrates.
220-353-110Sale of commercially caught sturgeon, bottomfish and halibut.
220-353-120Requirement to provide sales documents.
220-353-130Live fish—Import and transfer.
220-353-140Salmon angling unlawful from commercial vessels.