Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 220-355 WAC
Last Update: 8/29/17

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WAC Sections
220-355-010Unlawful retention of live bottomfish.
220-355-020Puget Sound bottomfish—General provisions.
220-355-030Puget Sound bottomfish—Unlawful gear.
220-355-040Commercial salmon fishing—Retaining Puget Sound bottomfish incidental catch.
220-355-050Puget Sound bottomfish—Drag seine requirements and seasons.
220-355-060Puget Sound—Bottomfish pots.
220-355-070Coastal bottomfish gear.
220-355-080Highly migratory species fisheries—Possession and landing requirements—Gear restriction.
220-355-090Coastal bottomfishing areas and seasons.
220-355-100Coastal bottomfish catch limits.
220-355-110Otter trawl logbook required.
220-355-120Bottomfish—Far offshore fishery.
220-355-130Commercial Pacific halibut fishery—Seasons, gear, possession, and landing requirements.