Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 220-356 WAC
Last Update: 10/30/17

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WAC Sections
220-356-010Willapa Bay—Forage fish.
220-356-020Grays Harbor—Seasons and lawful gear—Forage fish.
220-356-030Ocean forage fish.
220-356-040Coastal sardine purse seine fishery—Harvest, landing, and reporting requirements—Gear.
220-356-050Puget Sound forage fish commercial fisheries—General provisions.
220-356-060Puget Sound herring, anchovy and smelt commercial fisheries—Drag seine.
220-356-070Puget Sound herring and anchovy commercial fisheries—Purse seine.
220-356-080Puget Sound herring and anchovy commercial fisheries—Dip bag net.
220-356-090Herring, anchovy and smelt fishing—Lampara.
220-356-100Herring, anchovy and smelt fishing—Otter trawl and gillnet.
220-356-110Herring and anchovy—Seasons—Lawful gear—Purposes.
220-356-120Herring, anchovy and pilchard fishing—Live boxes—Identification.
220-356-130Herring hardship validations, qualifications and conditions—Individual or operator.
220-356-140Herring hardship validations—Resort or marina—Owner or operator.
220-356-150Smelt and herring for zoo food.
220-356-160Herring reporting.
220-356-170Spawn on kelp licenses (SOK license)—Applications.
220-356-180Spawn on kelp license (SOK license) contract conditions.
220-356-190Puget Sound smelt commercial fishery—Seasons.
220-356-200Puget Sound smelt commercial fishery—Weekly periods.