Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 220-415 WAC
Last Update: 6/28/21

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WAC Sections
220-415-010Deer area descriptions.
220-415-0202021-2023 Deer general seasons and definitions.
220-415-0302021 Deer special permits.
220-415-040Elk area descriptions.
220-415-0502021-2023 Elk general seasons and definitions.
220-415-0602021 Elk special permits.
220-415-0702021 Moose seasons, permit quotas, and areas.
220-415-0802021 Spring black bear special permits.
220-415-090Fall black bear hunting seasons and regulations.
220-415-100Cougar hunting seasons and regulations.
220-415-110Bighorn sheep—Marking requirements.
220-415-1202021 Bighorn sheep seasons, permit quotas, and areas.
220-415-1302021 Mountain goat seasons, permit quotas, and areas.