Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 220-660 WAC
Last Update: 12/13/21

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WAC Sections
220-660-020Instructions for using chapter 220-660 WAC.
220-660-040Applicability of hydraulic project approval authority.
220-660-050Procedures—Hydraulic project approvals.
220-660-060Integration of hydraulic project approvals and forest practices applications.
220-660-070Changes to hydraulic project approval technical provisions.
220-660-080Mitigation requirements for hydraulic projects.
220-660-090Technical provisions.
220-660-100Freshwater habitats of special concern.
220-660-110Authorized work times in freshwater areas.
220-660-120Common freshwater construction provisions.
220-660-130Stream bank protection and lake shoreline stabilization.
220-660-140Residential and public recreational docks, piers, ramps, floats, watercraft lifts, and buoys in freshwater areas.
220-660-150Boat ramps and launches in freshwater areas.
220-660-160Marinas and terminals in freshwater areas.
220-660-170Dredging in freshwater areas.
220-660-180Sand and gravel removal.
220-660-190Water crossing structures.
220-660-200Fish passage improvement structures.
220-660-210Channel relocation and realignment.
220-660-220Large woody material placement, repositioning, and removal in freshwater areas.
220-660-230Beaver dam management.
220-660-240Pond construction.
220-660-250Water diversions and intakes.
220-660-260Outfall structures in freshwater areas.
220-660-270Utility crossings in freshwater areas.
220-660-280Felling and yarding of trees.
220-660-290Aquatic plant removal and control.
220-660-300Mineral prospecting.
220-660-305Mineral prospecting involving motorized or gravity siphon equipment.
220-660-310Tidal reference areas.
220-660-320Saltwater habitats of special concern.
220-660-330Authorized work times in saltwater areas.
220-660-340Intertidal forage fish spawning bed surveys.
220-660-350Seagrass/macroalgae habitat surveys.
220-660-360Common saltwater construction provisions.
220-660-370Bank protection in saltwater areas.
220-660-380Residential and public recreational docks, piers, ramps, floats, watercraft lifts, and buoys in saltwater areas.
220-660-390Boat ramps and launches in saltwater areas.
220-660-400Marinas and terminals in saltwater areas.
220-660-410Dredging in saltwater areas.
220-660-420Artificial aquatic habitat structures in saltwater areas.
220-660-430Outfall and tide and flood gate structures in saltwater areas.
220-660-440Utility crossings in saltwater areas.
220-660-450Test boring in saltwater areas.
220-660-460Informal appeal of administrative actions.
220-660-470Formal appeal of administrative actions.
220-660-480Compliance with HPA provisions.
220-660-490Habitat recovery projects.