Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 480-123 WAC
Last Update: 6/22/21

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WAC Sections
480-123-010Federal universal service contracts.
480-123-030Contents of petition for eligible telecommunications carriers.
480-123-040Approval of petitions for eligible telecommunications carriers.
480-123-050Revocation of eligible telecommunications carrier designation.
480-123-060Annual certification of eligible telecommunications carriers.
480-123-070Annual certifications and reports.
480-123-080Annual plan for universal service support expenditures.
480-123-100Prerequisites for requesting program support.
480-123-110Petitions for eligibility to receive program support.
480-123-120Eligibility and distributions from the program.
480-123-130Reporting requirements.
480-123-140Commission compliance review of accounts and records.
480-123-150Advisory board.
480-123-160Resolution of disputes.
480-123-170Operation of the program.
480-123-999Adoption by reference.