Washington Administrative Code
2022 Archive

Chapter 110-01 WAC
Last Update: 7/9/18

(Formerly: Chapter 170-01 WAC)
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WAC Sections
110-01-0030Department locations.
110-01-0040Public records officer.
110-01-0050Records index.
110-01-0100Availability of public records.
110-01-0110Organization of records.
110-01-0120How to make a public records request.
110-01-0200How the department responds to public records requests.
110-01-0205Third-party requests for otherwise confidential records.
110-01-0206Notifying third parties of a request.
110-01-0230Reasons for denying disclosure of all or part of a record.
110-01-0240Types of records that may be exempt from disclosure.
110-01-0250If the public record requested is exempt from disclosure.
110-01-0260If only part of the record requested is exempt from disclosure.
110-01-0270Department reviews of records request denials.
110-01-0290Charges for public records.